AUG, 2018

Welcome To The Merrilee Show Blog

Congratulations for taking the first step toward Finding Yourself Happy. You are now part of our growing community dedicated to learning HOW to love in “The Game” called life. Stick with it, God’s promise never fails.

That’s what The Merrilee Show is all about. Learning how to be a better lover and creator, being at one with the field so you too can experience the magic and wonder life really has to offer.

If you are like most people, you have never been properly taught about love, what it is, or how to be it. Most of us just learn to wing it. It’s such a shame because love is the most powerful energy field being the creator of all possibility. The beauty of life is experienced to the fullest when we are at one with this field of energy; love. This is where life becomes a dream.

Much love to you,


If You’re Going To Walk With Me… Prepare To Take The High Road.


These blog posts are random and prompted by Spirit. The content is always positive and aimed to help you change your perspective from negativity and darkness to Love and Light. If you need clarity on anything I touch upon or need to speak with me personally, please contact me at HERE for the fastest response. Otherwise, you’re welcome to email me with your topic suggestions for the show on our CONTACT page.

Merrilee Sweeney


Merrilee Sweeney is an Imagineer, talk show host, author, intuitive relationship expert, counselor, listener, dreamer, ambassador of love and solutions expert. She’d never allow you to label her with any specific title as she is a force of nature, in tune and on a mission to demonstrate and inspire the power of Love as her tool to change the world. The Merrilee Show is broadcasted live on her Facebook fan page.

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