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The Merrilee Show is committed to making the world a better place... by leading the world to love.



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Whatever the question, love is the answer.

The Merrilee Show: Giver of light and love. Real Answers to Real Issues in Real Time. It’s a lesson in love you won’t want to miss. Have you ever wished you had a trusted wing man to give you positive direction on life, love, business, parenting, and self concerning issues? Part of what I do is help you make quick and appropriate decisions to help you move closer to love. Whatever the question, love is the answer. I got you.

Gaining self-confidence... #Teachme #Love #Light #Spirituality #Relationships #Selflove #ADropofHeaven #FindYourselfHappy#TheMerrileeShow

Posted by The Merrilee Show on Thursday, 1 February 2018


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Merrilee Sweeney is an Imagineer, talk show host, author, intuitive relationship expert, counselor, listener, dreamer, ambassador of love and solutions expert. She’d never allow you to label her with any specific title as she is a force of nature, in tune and on a mission to demonstrate and inspire the power of Love as her tool to change the world. The Merrilee Show is broadcasted live on her Facebook fan page.

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